Ramesh Kanuru M.D.
Ramesh Kanuru M.D.
Dear members:

I am honored and humbled to be the president of Lake County Medical Society, with your support.

Lake County Medical Society, through its members, is serving the people of Lake County Indiana. Many members of Lake County Medical Society are serving as board members, department chairmen, committee members and chairmen of all the hospitals in Northwest Indiana. These members, as leaders, are helping the hospitals to improve the healthcare of Northwest Indiana.

To all of you, for your dedication to the people of Northwest Indiana I want to say Congratulations and Thank you!

Board members of Lake County Medical Society are working in similar fashion to protect the interests of patients we serve and all of its members. They are working very hard at both the State and National level with ISMA (Indiana State Medical Association) to control the cost of health insurance and malpractice insurance coverage for all healthcare providers.

Together, with diligence and hard work, we can make tremendous progress and a major impact in the way of healthcare delivery for Northwest Indiana.

Please feel free to contact any board members with any issues of interest to you.
With Regard,

Ramesh P. Kanuru, M.D.; FACA
President – Lake County Medical Society